Coronavirus Message From Cooperative

Coronavirus Message From Cooperative

OPERATIONAL UPDATE: 4/06/2020 5 a.m.

Due to State, Federal and CDC guidelines the cooperative offices will remained closed with some employees still working from main office and others working remotely. We continue to provide our members with the service and attention you expect. We thought we'd share some picture of the guys out working on work orders, tree trimming and brush control.

If you have questions or need anything don't hesitate to call us 800-677-2612 | 217-774-3986 or email us

Thank you for your patience during this COVID situation & continue to be safe!


OPERATIONAL UPDATE: 3/20/2020 5 p.m.

As a cooperative, we are doing our part to keep our employees and members safe during this historic global event. Your cooperative is currently in the process of transitioning to temporary remote offices for a portion of our employees. With today’s technology, we will be able to seamlessly continue our day-to-day operations. Shelby Electric will also have a core group of employees working in the office. We will continue to answer phone calls and provide reliable service to our members while we all navigate this current situation.

Cooperative offices will remain restricted to public access until further notice. If you need any assistance, please contact us at 800-677-2612 | 217-774-3986.

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding.


OPERATIONAL UPDATE: 3/20/2020 9 a.m.

The cooperative is open and continues normal operation.

As you know we have restricted access to the building. Just as a reminder we have several ways to pay your electric bill. You can visit this link to look at all the options. If you have any questions about using any of the ways to pay options don't hesitate to call the office. If you are experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic, please contact our office to make payment arrangements. Every effort will be made to assist our members during this time.

We appreciate your patience as we all go through this unprecedented situation.

217-774-3986 | 800-677-2612

OPERATIONAL UPDATE: 3/16/2020 4:15 p.m.

Cooperative Offices will be restricted to outside visitors starting tomorrow March 17, 2020 (Tuesday).

As a cooperative, we have a responsibility to do what is in the best interest of all our members.  By closing our lobbies, SEC is limiting the direct exposure of our employees and members.  Even though our doors will be locked we will continue to do business as normal. Our service and field personnel will also be employing “social distancing”. 
Members are still able to conduct necessary business through our SmartHub app, website, phone, mail, and night deposit box.  When dropping payments into the deposit box, please include your name, account number, and phone number.  Cash payments will be accepted in the deposit box, however, NO change will be made available. 
If you are experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic, please contact our office to make payment arrangements.  Every effort will be made to assist our members during this time.
SEC is dedicated to finding the best solutions for our membership and our communities. We will continue to post updates on social media and our website

Anyone with questions can call our office at 217-774-3986.


Posted March 13, 2020

We have seen historic cancellations that have never happened before. We are monitoring the Coronavirus situation closely with the hopes it will resolve soon. We will continue to monitor this situation and plan accordingly. We will start phasing in operational changes and will communicate those changes via social media and our website in the future. We are focused on maintaining a healthy workforce, and keeping our personnel available so we can continue to provide service to you, our members.  Thank you

For more information about Coronavirus (commonly referred to as COVID-19) and preventing the spread of germs, visit CDC at

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