Energy Management

Energy Management

Do you want to know how to use energy efficiently? We have you covered. The resources and links on this page will help you learn more about how to manage your own energy use. 

Your Unique Energy Needs

By downloading this booklet, you will find plenty of information to help you learn more about energy management. It includes tips on how to save energy and an Appliance Energy Use Guide that can help you pinpoint how much energy specific items in your home are using. Plus, it is FREE! 

Energy Audits/Assessments

We apologize but we have suspended this service due to COVID. Please click on this link for other do it yourself suggestions. 


Members are looking for ways to control their energy use. The best way to do this is by being aware of how much energy you use each month and how it is being used in your home and on your farm. This involves reading your meter to keep track of monthly energy use. By comparing your daily, and monthly use, you may be able to identify changes in your patterns of use. SmartHub Web and the SmartHub app are tools you can use to do just that. Click here for SmartHub Web & visit Google Play or App Store to download the app today!

Together We Save

Visit this link to various tools you can use to learn more about energy efficiency and take the Energy Savings Home Tour, click here to take the interactive Home Tour and learn about simple things you can do to save energy and money at home. Plus access other valuable tips and resources.


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