Important SmartHub Browser Update Notice ...

Important SmartHub Browser Update Notice ...

National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), our billing and operations partner, has asked us to remind people to update their browsers, so their use of SmartHub will continue to be functional as a payment resource. This needs to be done to allow for safer transmission of data and provide a higher protocol level of encryption.

"The timeline we have as of now is to disable TLS 1.0 on SmartHub and Payment Gateway in May. We anticipate the consumer impact will be low as the warning has been issued since 2016, and at this point, the old browsers aren't fully functional anyway," noted a spokesperson for NISC. "We are required to disable TLS 1.0 by June 2018 to remain PCI compliant."

Older browsers that do not support the latest encryption protocols are no longer considered secure. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) requires that the older browsers and encryption protocols not be used at all after June 2018. This is not unique to SmartHub. SmartHub has been showing a warning to users on old browsers since August 2016 that they need to upgrade. Most users are on supported browsers so this isn’t a far-reaching issue, but one that needs to be addressed to remain PCI complaint. Below is a list of the minimum supported browser versions. If the user is at this level or higher, they will be able to use SmartHub. All users should routinely update their browsers to ensure they stay secure on the internet even if not using SmartHub. If for some reason a user cannot upgrade their browser to a minimum supported level, they will need to contact the cooperative's billing department, 800-677-2612, to discuss other payment options. It's important to note that this is a Payment Card Industry requirement and that users will see this requirement by other online payment sites as well. This is an industry compliance issue – not just unique to SmartHub.

The updated browser versions you need to install or update to are: 

  • Internet Explorer 11+ 
  • Chrome 30+ 
  • Android 5.0+ 
  • Firefox 27+ 
  • Safari iOS 5.0+ 
  • Safari OSX 9+

Potential browser warning screens shown below:

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