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The main staple at Shelby Energy Company is their LP/propane gas services for your home, farm or business. They are located in Shelbyville, Illinois and are attached to Shelby Electric Cooperative's main office. They have three bobtail (bulk) trucks to service their customers and operate in about a 35 to 40 mile radius around Shelbyville. You do not have to be a member of Shelby Electric Cooperative to take advantages of their services.

They offer:

  • Contract Pricing
  • Budget Billing
  • Daily Rack Rate (daily pricing fluctuates, call for current prices)


They have tank rentals available for farm, home and business. Current tank sizes available in gallons: 120, 250, 500 & 1,000.Their bulk site holds 60,000 gallons of propane in two 30,000 gallon tanks located at the bulk site on the east side of Shelbyville.

Shelby Energy Company also has a propane cylinder-fill-station located on their property, with capabilities to refill 20, 30, 40 and 100 lb bottles. They can refill your gas grill, forklift and contractor bottles. RVs and Campers are also welcome!


Address: 1355 State Hwy 128, Shelbyville, Illinois 62565

Phone: 217-774-2311

Email: Click Here

Hours: Monday - Friday / 7:00AM to 4:00PM

After Hours Phone: 217-774-2311