Shelby Energy Company Spring News

Shelby Energy Company Spring News

Two important messages from the cooperative's LP gas subsidiary  


Shelby Energy Company has started summer filling for their keep-full customers. This is earlier than in previous years due to a very cold winter. If you are interested in their Keep-Full Program, please call them 217-774-2311 or shoot them an email by clicking here.

When you sign up for the Keep-Full Program, we monitor your use and make sure that you don't run out of gas. Upon delivery, you are billed for the amount of the fill at the current price with an early pay discount option.


Information on 2018-2019 contracts will be available soon! Typically contracts are due in the summer months. At this time, Shelby Energy Co. is working diligently to secure the best possible price for their customers. When this information is available we will be advertising it on this website under the "Shelby Energy Company" tab and via our Facebook Page. @ShelbyEnergyCo

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