Ways to Pay

Ways to Pay

Pay Online

Pay your bill online with SmartHub by clicking here.  You can also pay on-the-go by downloading SmartHub on your phone or other mobile device. You can find it by searching SmartHub on the app store.


Pay your bill by phone 24/7. Call toll free 855-385-9981 and follow the automated prompts to pay by check, credit, or debit card.

Pay By Mail

Mail your payment check, along with the stub conveniently located at the bottom of your bill, to Shelby Electric Cooperative in the envelope provided with your statement.  Please allow 3 to 5 business days for delivery.

Pay In Person

Stop by our office in Shelbyville during business hours (7AM - 4PM) to pay your bill in person. An after-hours drop box is also available at this location.

Automatic Draft--Credit/Debit/Checking/Savings

Choose an automatic payment deduction from the account of your choice. This is set up as a recurring payment drafted on the due date shown on your billing statement. Sign up by using SmartHub or our automated Pay-By-Phone line.


Late Payment Fees
Delinquent accounts are charged a penalty of 5% added to the existing balance.  Payments must be received in our office by the due date to avoid penalties.  

Returned Checks
1st returned check               $20.00 
2nd returned check              $35.00
3rd +                                       $50.00
If a member issues a bad check at the time of collection, the cooperative may disconnect electric service immediately without further notice.  

Collection and Disconnect Fees
Disconnect Fee: $50.00
Reconnect Fee: $50.00
After Hours Dispatch/Reconnect Fee: $150.00
If a representative must be sent to the member’s location to disconnect service, the current bill, past due bill, and all fees must be paid by cash or certified payment before service will be restored.  A deposit may also be necessary.  

Partial Payments
If a member has an internet account through the cooperative and sends in a payment for the electric and internet services less than the total amount due, the payment will be applied to the electric account.  If there is a remaining balance, that amount will then be applied to the internet account.

Payment Arrangements
Payment arrangements can be made by contacting our office a minimum of 3 business days before service is subject to disconnection.  The cooperative holds the right to refuse any arrangement based on credit history, balance and/or past broken arrangements.  

800-677-2612|217-774-3986|P.O. Box 560, Shelbyville, Illinois 62565