Stop Scammers ...

We often hear reports about different schemes people deploy against other utility companies across the state. It doesn't matter if your utility is investor owned, a municipal or a member-owned distribution cooperative like Shelby Electric Cooperative. Scammers are out there so don't be fooled.  Never give out personal information and always call your utility company right away if you suspect something isn't right.  1-800-677-2612 is our toll-free number.

Members Encouraged To Download The SmartHub App

For those of our members that have smart phones or tablets, have you downloaded the SmartHub app yet? It is a great app that allows you to communicate with the cooperative, pay your bill, check your service status, check your use, report an outage and also links you to other items of interest. You can get the SmartHub App at your favorite app store. If you don't have a smart phone or tablet you can still access SmartHub on our website by clicking here.  Questions call 800-677-2612.