Beware of Counterfeit Postage Stamps

Be aware of buying stamps from online and social media sites claiming to sell United States postage stamps at a deep discount. Many times these stamps are not legitimate stamps sold through the US Postal Service.

We've been made aware that several bill payments and other letters address to the cooperative contain these bogus stamps. Up until recently, the postal service was allowing these counterfeit stamps through the system. However, they will now start sending these back to the sender.

If you are making payments through the mail please make sure you are using the appropriate approved stamp from the US Postal Service so they don't get returned to you. Click HERE to see a video and read more about counterfeit postage stamps.

There is a growing number of companies selling these counterfeit stamps so we wanted to make you aware. You might want to check with your local post office if you think you may have purchased counterfeit stamps.