killWant to know why your electric bill is so high? Wondering if you’ll save by buying a new appliance? Worried about phantom load? We can help!

Understanding your energy consumption is the first step to knowing how to reduce it. With a Kill-A-Watt Meter, you can measure the energy usage of household appliances and electronics. By finding out how much they are using and taking the steps to make energy-saving adjustments, you can lower your utility costs year round.

Shelby Electric Cooperative (SEC) has partnered with local libraries to make this service available to you! Kill-A-Watt meters, provided by SEC, will be available for checkout at libraries in our service area. Anyone can checkout a meter just like a book or video. All patrons must abide by all rules set by the library for use, checkout and late fees.

This is a free service within our territory. Kill-A-Watt meters are also available at SEC Headquarters in Shelbyville, IL.

Visit your local library to checkout a meter today!