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All home energy audits/assessments are performed by Shelby Electric Cooperative's own BPI certified Energy Auditor. The home owner must be present for all activities related to the energy assessment/audit. A rental property will not be inspected without the home owner unless written, signed consent has been made. We ask the home owner to assist in the audit by taking notes; a copy is kept by the home owner and the cooperative at the end of the audit for reference to all items discussed. It is helpful to have any natural gas or propane bills available during the process as our home inspector will look at all energy consumption within the home.

The service charges below will be added to the member's electric bill in the billing cycle following the audit/assessment.

Assessment Overview and Pricing


Basic Walk-Through Assessment includes...                                                              FREE

  • Approximately 1 hour in the home
  • Discussion of utility bills and consumption
  • Discussion of comfort issues within the home
  • Basic inspection of attic, crawl space, basement, etc. insulation levels

Blower-Door Testing includes...                                                                                      $50.00

  • Basic Walk-Through Assessment
  • Approximately 2 hours in the home
  • Blower-Door depressurizes the home to specifically identify air leakage points where insulation and air sealing can be performed
  • Exact measurements as to the level of air leakage in the home

Home Energy Audit includes...                                                                                        $300.00

  • Basic Walk-Through Assessment
  • Blower-Door Testing
  • Approximately 4 hours in the home, and 4 hours of data analysis and reporting
  • Infrared imaging of all air and moisture leakage points
  • Combustion analysis of any propane or natural gas appliances
  • Full report including but not limited to: photographs of leakage points, blower-door testing results for realtors and mortgage companies, list of recommendations for improvements, cost/benefit analysis of upgrades, etc.

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