Contract Tree Trimming crews from Endizzi Contracting will continue to work out of the Elwin substation and will soon be moving into the Moweaqua substation area.

Endizzi Crews began work the week of May 8. While work is being done out of the Elwin and Moweaqua substations they will eventually move to other substations.

This will not affect your power use they are just doing needed tree trimming and spraying. The shaded area around the "E" & "W" are members served off the Elwin & Moweaqua substation.

We will provide updates as crews move from one area to another.

**Never attempt to prune or remove trees near power lines or electrical equipment. We will perform maintenance work up to the meter. Property owners are responsible for anything past the meter and we recommend using a qualified line-clearance tree contractor to do the work. Contact us to have your line temporarily disconnected so work may be done safely by a qualified tree service. 800-677-2612 or 217-774-3986.**

You can also contact us if you are interested in any wood chips (free) while we are working in your area!

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map graphic of Elwin and Moweaqua substations