UPDATED July 3, 2023 10:30am

At the peak of the storm related outages, we had over 5,000 members without power.

Through the hard work and long hours of our linecrews we were finally able to get all members back on by early Sunday morning.

We'd like to personally thank all our members for their patience during what had to be frustrating times for you all.

During the back-to-back storms Illinois utilities had over 350,000 customers without power during that four-day stretch.

Stay safe!


UPDATED July 1, 2023 11pm

Things looking up ... we still have about 400 members out.  We appreciate everyone's patience as we work to get everyone's power back on after this major weather event.

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UPDATED July 1, 2023 NOON

Latest update straight from operations. The lightning strike damage mentioned in an earlier morning post was in a place Ameren will need to tow in their line trucks to fix.

The D in the ops message below is Dunkel sub & the Y is Yantisville sub (these have been out since Thursdays Storm).

Last nights storm affected the Velma sub again.

"Storm last night lost transmission to Velma
They know the problem and are getting a dozer to pull line trucks in and fix it
Had some scattered line outages from last night that are getting restored by us
I’m told some time today D and Y should come on."

We understand everyone frustration and appreciate everyone’s patience.

This info doesn’t get your power on quicker but in the state of Illinois electric cooperatives (like Shelby) have over 18,000 people still without power.

Utilities that serve East Central Illinois have around 200,000 people out of power.

Please stay safe and check on your neighbors.

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After continued restoration efforts, an assessment by the cooperative, and discussions with our transmission operators, It has been determined that the majority of members still without power could be without power for another 12 to 24 hours. Some members could experience shorter outages as crews continue to do work on the cooperative’s distribution side. Work will be prioritized to restore power as quickly and safely as possible for all members.

Members who get their power from the Velma, Dunkel, and Yantisville substations it could be noon (Friday, June 30) before the Velma substation is back online and into the evening before the Dunkel and Yantisville substations are back up.

Cooperative power crews are reminding residents to be safe and patient following the damaging storms that hit our service territory Thursday afternoon.

The damage to the power grid is not isolated to Shelby Electric Cooperative as neighboring cooperatives, as well as Ameren, and Springfield’s CWLP are also experiencing extended outage periods.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s patience.

To view a live outage map click on this link